Academia School of Nursing offers several options and methods to pay your tuition bill.

Payment in Full

Once you have registered for classes, you can view your tuition and fees balance on Academia Website by clicking on “Pay Now Tab” Payment in full, including sponsor vouchers if applicable, may be made at any time prior to the fee payment deadline.

Monthly / Payment Plan

Academia’s monthly payment plan lets you pay your tuition in a monthly payment plan, rather than the full amount, up until the fee payment deadline. All fees must be paid according to payment schedule monthly. There after the fee’s will be due on the same date of Class Start date (For example: if you started class on September 10, 2018) Your Payment is due date will be every month on the same date of Class Start date thereafter. 

On your first payment All fee’s and 1stmonth Tuition MUST be paidbefore class Start date. PLEASE SEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE FORM SIGNED WHEN YOU SIGNED UP FOR YOUR CLASS.

Third-Party Sponsors

This program is only open to students whose employers have tuition sponsorship agreements with Academia Medical Institute (AMI).

Some students receive vouchers or payments from a sponsoring company, agency or department. If a third party is paying your fees, register early and initiate the paperwork for your voucher or payment with your sponsor as early as possible. Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the Fee Payment Deadline.